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School Description and Achievements

School Description

Ruby Elementary School welcomes 275 students and 44 staff members daily.  Our school is located in the small rural town of Ruby, South Carolina.  With the continued decrease in small businesses in our town, Ruby Elementary is the heart of the community.  We are continuing the ongoing tradition of providing a child-centered environment that challenges and nurtures our students.  Through extremely hard work and dedication from our staff, students, parents, and community volunteers, many positive achievements are taking place.  Parents and community involvement in the school is encouraged in many ways.  Grandparents are invited to lunch for Grandparent's Day.  Several members of the community are invited to share their favorite books with students during "Ruby Reads".  Parents are invited to participate in events such as parenting workshops, book fairs, reading with students, as well as end of year programs and awards ceremonies.  The community as a whole is dedicated to our students. 

School Achievements

Ruby Elementary School earned a 100 (A) on ESEA: 2013 Federal Accountability System.  The students of RES continue to increase PASS scores in all areas.  Ruby Elementary earned an Excellent on Absolute rating on 2013 report card.  As a result of this accomplishment, RES received the Palmetto Gold Award for general performance in the 2013 Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards Program.  During previous years, Ruby Elementary has earned one Palmetto Silver and two Palmetto Gold Awards for general performance. Last year, Ruby Elementary earned a report card rating of "Good".  We continue to strive towards our ongoing goal of deepening the rigor of our instruction to better prepare our students for college and careers.