Science P.L.U.S. Institute

 Rebecca Tolson, 4th grade teacher , attended a one-week class at The Science P.L.U.S. Institute located in Greenville, SC.  During this week, July 10-14, she participated in numerous hands-on/inquiry based activities that were specifically geared for the 4th grade weather standards, the science process skills, and the science and engineering practices that will allow her students to work cooperatively, make connections to science content, and communicate results while acting as scientists and engineers themselves. 
 The Science P.L.U.S. Institute is a program funded by an Education Improvement Act grant that allows science teachers from across the state to apply and be selected for participation in one-week classes that are grade and standard specific.  The grant also helps to purchase all materials used in class as well as the materials sent home with each teacher.  Mrs. Tolson, along with her classmates, came home with $2000 worth of science materials.  She is really excited about the "tornado maker" she brought back to school and cannot wait to show her students.  She highly recommends that all science teachers, grades 1-12, apply for next summer's classes.