Olweus Bullying Prevention Kick-Off

What an exciting event!!
     Ruby Elementary School began our Olweus kick-off with a visit from our hometown hero, Christian Stokes. She spoke to the students about the importance of being themselves, working as a team and treating others fairly. Christian told the kids that when they stand up against bullying they become her Hero. Our theme continues as “Be A Hero!—Help, Encourage, Respect, and treat Others the way you want to be treated.”
     Ruby Elementary School also invited the Columbia Marionette Theatre to share their traveling show, Aquarium Adventure: Legend of the Bully Fish for our Olweus kick-off.
     In the story, Bully Fish is ruining the peaceful life in the aquarium that all the fish enjoy. He is rude, says mean things to the other fish and chases them from the bubbles. ONE little blue fish, Gill, decides to take a stand against the Bully Fish. Gill makes life in the aquarium better because of his bravery. Later, Gill and his friends learn that the reason Billy Fish had turned into Bully Fish is because he feels different from the others, he is lonely and he has no friends.
     Our RES students learned many valuable lessons from this wonderful puppet show. They learned that it is possible for all kinds of different fish to live together in harmony. They learned respectful and caring ways to handle a “Bully Fish” and that it often takes just “One” to make a difference.